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Baseball Is Back & The Friday Links

Now that was a long week. 

Funny how people like to complain about baseball being "boring" or "slow". I'm not here to argue either point, there are things that are certainly more interesting or faster paced in the world. 

But they're not the soundtrack to summer.

The beauty of baseball is that it's always on. Day after day, week after week… it's on.

Some nights you're going to watch the whole game with rapt attention. Other nights you'll forget it's on until a push notification pops up on whatever score app you use. 

It's like putty: it is what you need it to be at that exact moment. Sometimes it's the star, sometimes it's soothing background noise. 

But it's always summer.

So when it goes away for 5 days, you might not have missed it on Monday. Or Tuesday. Or Wednesday. But at some point this week you probably flipped to FSN or KMOX or MLB.com and realized "damn, no baseball tonight" and were kind of disappointed.

Us too.

But now and through the next 3 months, until it starts to get cold again, baseball is back. We'll leave all those people that want MLB to be MMA to deal with that themselves. We're not here to bash the metronome, but to praise it for what it does well.

Now, the Friday Links…

Edgar Allen Bro. LINK HERE

Would you press it? LINK HERE

Somebody in that marketing department gets OT pay. LINK HERE

Mr. Go looks pretty amazing. LINK HERE

Impressive. LINK HERE

Don't steal lunches. LINK HERE

That's it. That's the week. Baseball is back after the All-Star break and the Cardinals own the best record in baseball. It's cute how all those Pirate loving analysts still think 'this is the year'. We'll check back in with those guys after a couple of months.