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Beer Vendors Tips Tonight To Be Donated

So you're going to the game tonight?

You're the rich. You're the powerful. You're the 1%. The kind of guy that doesn't think twice about $9 beers. Hell, you usually give the beer vendor $11 bucks off a $20, just so you have less stuff to carry around.

We're not hating. You earned it.

But tonight, would you do us a solid? Give that tip to Patrick Ferris:

That's why. 

Patrick will be in SECTION 261 tonight during GM3 of the World Series. 

And as an added bonus, Budweiser has offered to match donations that Patrick collects up to 1K. Love how St. Louis is coming together on this one, right?

Oh, and if you have an extra ticket you were planning using to hold your jacket or therapy dog, we'd be more than happy to put a body in it.