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Better Pitching Staff: SF Giants or STL Cards?

I’m pretty sure that people look at our banner on this site and say: “Wow. That’s a nice banner. I bet they’re really into the Cardinals and we can use them.”

That’s the only way I can explain why reputable baseball people ask me to spew shit all over their websites. I’m sure when they actually read what I’ve wrote- they’re not happy, but have a deadline.

The latest folly? Around The Horn Baseball. They asked me if I wanted to take part in their “Great Baseball Debate” and when I accepted, they pitted me against Richard Dyer of TheGiantsCove.com to argue on who had the better pitching staff- the SF Giants or the STL Cards.


The whole thing is over 5,000 words and an fairly entertaining read. Please do me a solid and check it out when you have a spare 10-15 minutes to spend doing absolutely nothing.

I don’t want to spoil it- but Richard kind of, sort of sold me on the Giants staff. I didn’t realize how good their bullpen was until I was forced to crunch the numbers and defend Ryan Franklin and the boys.

However, Richard’s stubborn refusal to use Chris Carpenter over Matt Cain in a game that would decide the fate of the world was annoying as fuck.

So for those of you who used to like RVB’s “actual baseball analysis”, this should give you a stiffy.

Then again, those people are almost certainly gone now and all you want is boobies and free crap.