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Better Titles For Tony LaRussa’s New Book

Looks like TLR is writing a book

Of course he is. Because that’s what hardened baseball lifers do when they take off the uniform for the last time. And when you’re the first manager to do so after winning in a World Series for a city that happens to buy anything and everything that publisher publishes?

Even better.

The book is actually being penned by longtime STL Post-Dispatch columnist Rick “The Commish” Hummel and will be titled “One Last Strike: Fifty Years in Baseball, Ten and a Half Games Back, and One Final Championship Season”.

Just rolls of the tongue, does it not?

May we suggest some alternative titles to make it easier to reference in casual conversation? Please and thank you.

+ ARF: Amrand (de Brignac) Rally (Squirrels) & Flights (Happy)

+ Ha, Ha, Ha: F-You Cubbies!

+ Jason Motte… Still Not My Closer

+ Legacy: You’re Doing It Wrong Albert

+ I Had My Fingers Crossed Satan; But Thanks For David Freese Anyway

+ LOL Nelson Cruz

+ The Power of the Flobee

+ Did I Mention That My Daughter Is a Raider Cheerleader? Because She Is.

Obviously there are many more that we could go with here, so let’s hope that HarperCollins decides to do a little name changing before the fall release.