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Brewers Attack Yadier Molina’s Character

The Brewers aren’t a good franchise.

They’ve amassed a 3397-3669 from 1970 through this season. They’ve never won a World Series and only made the playoffs 4 times in their franchise history.

The Cardinals are the antithesis of the Brewers. They’re champions. Winners. One of the crown jewels in all of global sport.

And the voting public has recognized the supreme talent of the professional St. Louis baseball community for many, many years. Milwaukee is jealous. But instead of sustaining success and making their own path, they’ve chose to sling mud and bring the Cards back down to their level.

It’s hard to determine just why the baby noise is used when showing Molina, but it’s unfair and borderline slanderous. How can MLB as a whole support such drivel by posting it to their official site? Lawyers should be involved. Lots of them.

Go forth and vote Molina, friends.

Show our ‘rivals’ up north just how revenge is best served. (Hint: By winning.)

Also, none of this serious. Here’s hoping the Cardinals are working on something even better. Might we suggest the use of Dino Laurenzi? All’s fair in politics, no?

Photo: Sports Naut