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Busch Stadium Alcohol Compliance Spotting

The best is when you look back at your cell pics and find one you totally forgot about. Better than the best is when it captures the henceforth knowledge that Busch Stadium employs an "alcohol compliance" lady.

This was taken around 9p in the Bowtie Bar area of Busch Stadium Friday night:

1) I don't know what alcohol compliance actually means. As in I'm complying with having alcohol? Yes. Yes I am.

2) Why the cart? She made one loop around the bar and was gone. I tried to explain to some people what I had seen and they just thought I was drunk and ignored me. But I really want to know what the cart was for. 

3) This lady was… ahem… mature. I'm a bit worried that the sight of some Boston bros drunk could kill her on Saturday.

4) Have you guys ever seen this before? It's not like I'm at 80 games a summer. But I've been to a fair amount of games in different set locations and have never seen this lady.

Anyway, here's to this lady. And hoping we get as lucky as this guy