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Busch Stadium Field After A Football Game


As of Saturday night the Cardinals had build a 2 game lead over the Pirates in the NL Central. The Reds are 3 back. Hell, these guys are only .5 behind ATL for the best record in the NL and home field advantage for the playoffs (sans the World Series, you know, because of the All-Star Game). 

Home field BABY! You know who plays good at home… the Cardinals! 

So, um, about that field. 

It hosted the first ever football game earlier today between SIUC and SEMO a mere week plus before the playoffs start.

And since these were actual college football players playing on the turf… some divots (seen above) were chunked out of Busch Stadium.

Ever go to batting practice before a game? There are safety tarps for the grass everywhere. If someone steps on these areas, I assume the grounds crew has the authority to shoot on site. 

And they will go for the kill.

For full video of the field carnage: LINK HERE

But hey, some tackle football a couple of days before the playoffs? WHY NOT!