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Calm Down Everyone

Brutal road trip. 

First, a tip of the cap to Lance Berkman who is out for the season with a torn ACL. After getting his ring with the Cardinals, I don’t see any way that Puma rehabs this injury (for the second time in his career) and comes back to the Cardinals in 2013. He won’t announce a retirement immediately, and he shouldn’t. But the gentleman’s agreement of getting paid in 2012 to go away in 2013 is now in effect. After a pretty magical 2011, Mr. Berkman is always welcome back to Cardinal Nation.

As far as the other Redbirds go…

David Freese with the Golden Sombrero (0-4 4Ks) is lost all of a sudden. The bullpen is carrying an over 5.5 ERA in May. Jon Jay and Allen Craig are back on the DL. And a giant LOBster has usurped Fredbird as the team’s new mascot.

And you know what? I’m not all that worried.

I know, I know. You came here this morning looking for fire and brimstone and we’re aunt Sally handing out orange slices and juice boxes for the plane ride home. But the Dodgers are on an absolute tear right now and while the Cardinals lost all 3 in LA, they had their chances each night… but didn’t get the job done. Remove a walk off walk and some horrible third base umpiring and the Cards, even as bad as they played and as many people on mend as they have… well, they could have won 2 of 3.

In today’s world of Twitter, hyperbole is the new rational. And while everyone is a little pissy after a 1-4 road trip to the left coast, the Cardinals still have the most talented team in the division. It’s still May. And there are still 100+ games left.

Oh, and they’re still in first place.

We will for sure be holding the Cardinals feet to the flames as we move past Memorial Day, but rather than having all the injuries during the dog days of summer, let’s get them out of the way now.

You , know unless Mo has constructed the most brittle roster ever. THEN FIRE HIM!

There is time for panic. Today isn’t one of them.