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Cardinals Absolutely Tenderized Saturday Night

Battered. Thrashed. Hammered.

You can pick your own adjective, but after 9 innings of brutal play, the Dodgers stood over the shell of a championship team and delivered an emphatic no-no finger.

Pick you own indignity: Mark Ellis now closer to .185 than .200 with his regular 0-fer. Lance Lynn mustering 2 innings and 6 earned runs to ‘help’ an already thin and hard working bullpen staff. The 2 errors that prevented this semi-nationally broadcast game from being remotely humane.

Or you can go off the board and just say it’s 2014’s general malaise that has you down.

Feel free to press play above while you read the rest of this… we’ll wait until you get through the ad. Ok, ready?

The Cardinals will try for the 4 game split today in Los Angeles. Shelby Miller gets the nod 5 days after his own mini-outing due to back pain. But manager Mike Matheny said that the bullpen is able to cover an entire game if needed.

The Cardinals now stand 6.5 games out of first place in the NL Central after the Brewers have heated up this past week (4 W’s in a row, 8-2 in their last 10). With three upcoming games in San Fransisco this week, the needle is listing towards red.

And not the Cardinal red.

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