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Cardinals Are Trailblazers

It's been an odd season for the Cardinals. 

Every season has its peculiarities, but 2012 seems to have a homoerotic flair not normally associated with baseball. If your seeking reasons why, please refer to Yunel Escobar's plastering of gay slurs on his eye black as reason #1 and #2. That wasn't from 1956, that was from 2 weeks ago.

The Cardinals, on the other hand, are rife with man on man action.

Item 1: The Cardinals celebrate a walk-off winner by playfully shoving fists up Skip Shumakers butt. Yes, that happened. And yes, Tim McKernan covered it diligently. 

But if you thought that was an anomaly, then you must have been surprised to hear Adam Wainwright wanted some smooches from Carlos Beltran.

Item 2: Carlos Beltran hits a game tying HR in the 9th inning of a game against the Cubs, and Waino wants to kiss his teammate. On the mouth. 

Derrick Goold, thankfully, covered Adam's pining for the Post-Dispatch. At least one teammate laid down the law on the clubhouse whiteboard, but still, everyone seemed to be pretty chill.

Good on you Cardinals. Your state might not be making gay marriage legal anytime soon, but that's not stopping you from being trailblazers for equality. 

Hell, if the Cardinals make it out of the Wild Card round, a Lady Gaga concert might just be in order, eh?