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Cardinals Dissapoint On ‘The Way’ Power Rankings

Baseball Prospectus has recently created The [Your Team Name Here] Way Power Rankings.

Oh. The Cardinals are so going to dominate this, right? Tell me that they’re #1. They have to be #1. Mr. Sam Miller explain what all this is about and just how much the Cardinals dominated:

So the Cardinal Way stuff has been blown out of proportion. The question is what the appropriate proportion would be. The Cardinals aren’t the only team with a self-proclaimed Way—not by a long shot. Is there any team that doesn’t deserve the “holier than thou” (reputation)? 

Basically, most teams in baseball has some sort of ‘way’ that they adhere to. But just how much ‘way’ is needed? Who has the best ‘way’?

And the Cardinals come in 12th.


Looks like everything the Cardinals do these days is middle of the pack, huh. I mean, if the Cardinals were going to win anything in 2014, I thought for sure this was going to be it.


Full disclosure, I came about this ‘way’ index through Slate’s ‘Hang Up & Listen’ podcast (Skip to 51:35). It’s worth a listen if you want to hear those dudes talk about the article.

Photo: STLToday