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Cardinals Draft Next Tim Tebow?

The first few rounds of the MLB Draft were held last night in tropical Secaucus NJ and the Cardinals had 5 choices on the first night. Premium choices equal premium talent baby… so who are these future Red Bird STAHHHSS? 

First Round Pick James Ramsey. Sounds like a solid name. What say you scouts?

“Ramsey, the Atlantic Coast Conference player of the year, doesn’t appear to possess any off-the-charts skills at 6 feet and 180 pounds. He is considered to have above-average speed but with an average arm and average power…”

Hmmm. This is still the first round right? What am I missing?

“Scouts have called Ramsey the Tim Tebow of Florida State baseball for his leadership and strong Christian faith. Ramsey wore the captain’s “C” on his Seminoles jersey, the first player longtime Florida State coach Mark Martin had designated for that honor in his coaching career.”


“I’ve always been a fan of Tim’s, just being a man of God, first of all,” Ramsey said. “You wouldn’t describe my college experience as very conventional. And that’s the way Tim lived his life. There were always people who said he couldn’t play quarterback. He couldn’t be All-(Southeastern Conference). He couldn’t win a national championship. He couldn’t lead a lot of people to Christ.”

Listen, the MLB Draft is the biggest craps shoot ever. Gobs of #1 overall picks have failed to live up to expectations. Most of these guys drafted, even high, will not become impact major league players.

But still… TIM TEBOW JR?

You can read the whole P-D story from Rick Hummel: LINK HERE

Ok, maybe you’re still focusing on the whole religion thing. But is anyone else alarmed by the scouting report? Average this, average that… but he was a SUPER nice guy. Even got a fancy ‘C’ on the jersey and everything. 

And what excatly is the equivilant of Tim Tebow in baseball? A .200 OBP with a HR everytime he bats in the 8th or 9th innings? 

Sometimes people ask why the hell we do a baseball site. Today, we have one of many anwsers. The Cardinals decided that their best bet for the long-term future of the team was to go all-in on TIM TEBOW JR. 

And just like that, we have years (literally years) of fodder.