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Cardinals Extend GM John Mozeliak’s Contract

From the not shocking announcement department:

The Cardinals have extended John Mozeliak’s contract through 2018, a two year addition to his previous contract. He has worked for the Cardinals in different capacities for 19 years and as the General Manager for the last 6.

In 2013 the Cardinals were named as MLB’s Organization of the Year. The team has one World Series and two NL Pennant wins in the past 3 years.

This announcement comes on the heels of Mozeliak signing a new deal this past February that took his contract through 2016.

The Internet’s best resource for contract details, Cot’s Baseball Contracts doesn’t list the amount of money he is being paid. The only site that had a number attached to Mo was called AdjustedStats.com at 650K/yr. Though this has probably not been updated recently and his new contract is sure to have a healthy increase. Further, the veracity of that site’s information is worthy of questioning.

According to Fox News, most MLB GMs (as of 2010) earned between 500K and 2M per year.

Whatever his salary is, he’s earned it. The Cardinals have made all the right moves the past several years setting them up for extended success. Mo might not get a movie like Billy Bean or get lionized like Theo Epstein or the tabloid treatment like Brian Cashman… he just wins.

Photo: Salon.com