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Cardinals Fans Don’t Care For Thom Brennaman

We told you earlier today that Fox Sports 1 would be on the Cardinals broadcast tonight.

Seeing as it’s a national affair, FOX sent Thom Brennaman (who regularly does FOX Saturday games) to St. Louis for the call. But since Cardinal fans aren’t dumb, they know Thom’s regular day job is as a Reds broadcaster. With his dad Marty.

Cardinal fans took to the Twitter:


Yeesh. That last one was actually kind of bad.

Back to your regularly scheduled broadcasters tomorrow night. The night of Brennaman has ended. For the record, the ‘we’ was not good. But on the whole, he does he job just fine, like most network announcers. Then again, that’s my opinion. And by the looks of it, mine alone.

Photo: Keith’s Sports Journal