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Cardinals (Finally) Power Up; (Finally) Achieve Signature Win

I’m going to preface this with #Super1stWorldProblems – since I moved recently, my remote won’t let me change video inputs on my TV. I have to switch them manually. So to watch the Cardinals games on MLB.TV on my actual TV, it takes an effort. (Albeit minimal, but still, effort.)

Shamefully, I only watch the big games on the TV – the rest are streaming on the computer.

I only bring this up because it was about 8p CT when I flipped over inputs and laid down on my couch. A couple of clicks later and I saw it was 6-0 and I was pissed. Not because the Cardinals were getting thumped. But because I was comfortable and didn’t want to get right back up to switch back to cable.

The struggle? It’s real.

So I decided I’d leave it on the Cardinals game and hopefully get some good fodder to write a pithy slash bitchy blog post about when it got to the 6th or 7th inning. But a funny thing happened on the way to snark…

The Cardinals have been searching for two things in particular during the 2014 season: some power hitting and a signature win.

For one glorious night in Milwaukee, they temporarily found the former and definitely established the latter.

Let’s review:

If you’re mathematically challenged like me, that’s 4 home runs on the night. FOUR! The previous 93 games the Cardinals hit 55. They’re still 29th in MLB with the long ball… but they’ve really distanced themselves from last place – suck it Kansas City!

Even better, the comeback win gave everyone on and supporting the team a touchstone for belief. With All-Star catcher Yadier Molina out for the next two months and coming off a curb stomping from the Pirates, this series against the Brewers was going to set the tone for the stretch run.

A complete capitulation would hang heavy over the ASG break.

Instead of a must-win game today, the Cardinals are in prime position to take over 1st place in the NL Central with Adam Wainwright taking the pill and the Brewers absolutely reeling.

Long story longer, I’d like to thank my faulty remote for forcing me to watch that game last night.

Photo: Yahoo! Sports