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Cardinals Get A Double Dose of #SolarPower

Can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Jorge Solar lit up the Cardinals Friday night, tying the game in the 7th and coming back to embarrass them in the 8th. He’s been with the Cubs since Wednesday and already he has more home runs than all but 8 Cardinals players in 2014.

There is a real chance that within the next month, he will have more HR’s than all but 3 Cardinals. (Peralta 18, Holliday 13, Adams 13).

Go ahead and let that sink in.

Again, he’s been in the Major Leagues since Wednesday. August 27th.

The Cardinals are the second worse team in baseball when it comes to the most important offensive stat – runs scored.  And after a promising first inning, the Cardinals shut it down for the night against the immortal Kyle Hendricks.


You’d have assumed that the addition of Yadier Molina to the line-up and returning home to a packed house against a hated division foe would have lifted the listless Cards to a higher plane.

Instead, we got the same plain.

Photo: RSE Network