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Cardinals Lower Payroll For 2014

The rich keep getting richer. Literally. 

Daniel Solzman pointed out that MLB.com columnist Phil Rogers has crunched the numbers and for the first time since the 1999 Padres did it, the World Series loser will have a lower payroll the season following bitter disappointment. 

Makes sense.

If you're close to the pinnacle of baseball, you're probably a good team no matter who leaves in free agency. You'd want to add a few more pieces and see if you can grab that ring.

To start 2013 the Cardinals had an Opening Day payroll of 116.5M and this season the number comes in at a much more modest 101.8M.

So they upgraded at 3B, SS, CF and the bullpen in the offseason, filling all the holes they had, and then took the payroll down by almost 15M dollars? I mean it's getting embarrassing. Everything can't possibly keep going right, can it? 

Throw in the revenue generating Ballpark Village into the mix for 2014 and the Cardinals are financially well prepared to make in-season moves if needed while not pushing the franchise any closer to the red.