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Cardinals Make Deadspin [Again]

Hard not agree with Deadspin on this one…

Looks like The Sign Guy was out at Busch Stadium either Monday or Tuesday and had a new marquee created to send off ‘The Captain’.

And while we partially agree with (what we believe) was the intent – to let the Yankees know that the Cardinals don’t take a back-seat to anyone – the manner in which is was delivered was a bit off.

After all, St. Louis would never tolerate schwag bags that didn’t include Gus’ Pretzels and a 6 pack of Buds like Jeter gives out. Round these parts? That’s classless. The one-night-stands deserve more.

So, no.

Jeets would have never made it as a Cardinal after all.

Come on Sign Guy. Let’s get it together.

Photo: Deadspin