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Cardinals Marketing: EPIC Fail

The Cardinals got their asses whipped while they laid down like beat dogs. So… that must mean it’s time for the marketing team to swing into action!

Wait, what? Is there a loser’s bracket now in the MLB? Awesome!

Seriously, did nobody really check the subject line of this e-mail that has even an iota of baseball knowledge as it pertains to the standings? Is everything so wild-eyed optimistic with the Cardinals and their marketing parteners? Blood diamonds? Pffffft- those young boys will be juuuuuuust fine. Maybe we can send them some autographed Fredbird pics?!

Further- it’s always a GREAT idea to promote heavily the guy who the press revealed… JUST DEMANDED A  TRADE!

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I mean if there is one guy you DON’T want to highlight in a e-blast, it has to be the guy that is spending his free time crying to the front office to get him the hell out town, right? Was there no other option for my points? Colby Rasmus, huh? Can I get Tino Martinez to give me an enema instead?

Just brilliant marketing. Keep it up Cardinals.