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Cardinals Priming The Pump For The Danger Zone?

The Padres and the Pirates are two teams that will be pacing the rear of their divisions when the 2011 season closes. So naturally, the Cardinals have lost 4 of the 6 contests that they’ve partook with these titans of mediocrity. 


Naturally this slow start has gripped Cardinal Nation with either angst or apathy, pending on your investment level with the team.

Apathy from those who checked out around the three quarters pole in 2010 and saw a feckless team submarine their chances at division title or wild card berth by getting creamed by sub-par competition. They’ve seen this sorry act before and all the promise of many games ahead, to them, is nothing but delaying the obvious- This team just simply cannot produce the essential runs needed to win baseball games.

Angst from those who believed that the maturation of Rasmus, the signing of Berkman & Theriot and Pujols in a contract year would prove 2010 to be an aberration and not the norm.  A team that would be worthy of overcoming a crippling loss of an ace with timely veteran hitting and a mix of youngsters that have blistered minor league pitching but have yet to get a fair shot in the bigs. And now they see that 2-4 as something that is what it is… but still hold out hope that a week into 2011 this is more ‘a slow start’ than a continuation of a brutal past.

Either way- no one is feeling good about the start to 2011. The manager is walking out of press conferences to take heat off the offense. Statistical comparisons with teams pre dead-ball era are abundant and startling. Fans are staying away from the product in droves.

Perhaps it’s hyperbole to you… but the Cardinals are soon approaching the danger zone.  You won’t be able to deny this much longer.

No wins equals less fans equals less money equals a real argument that this team, including Pujols and LaRussa, needs to be disbanded and started over. Meaning 2012 and 2013 are washes and the Cardinals will be almost 10 years removed from a World Series by the time they can hope to contend again.

I just passed out typing that.

Let’s wait until the first road trip of 2011 to pass any definitive judgment on the Cardinals. But let’s also knock it off with the “we’re only 6 games in line” as well.  The crossroads come at different points in every season.

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And so it goes. Let’s hope that SF Giants World Series celebration lights the juices deep within the Cardinals soul. Or at least gives them pause.