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Cardinals Record LOBsters

Yes, Lobsters probably talk like that. Probably. 

Chances are you were at work yesterday when the Cardinals played. But if I asked you to guess what happened to them in their series finale with the Brewers, I bet you could guess.

Check these guys batting gloves, are we SURE that they’re aren’t claws in there?

The St. Louis LOBsters (Left On Basers) struck again. Leaving the bases loaded in the top of the ninth inning and squandering multiple scoring opportunities throughout the game. Some truly staggering stats are emerging post All-Star Game. Like having base runners in 42 of 55 innings played, but batting .157 when runners are in scoring position.

42 of 55!

Yet they’re averaging just above 2.0 runs per game. That’s almost impossible in the Major Leagues, people. This is a truly staggering display of offensive inefficacy. We’re not just witnessing LOBsters. No sir, we’re witnessing THESE LOBsters.

The magnetic pull of .500 is reeling back in the Cardinals once again. They surged to 6 games over before the break and now find themselves a mere 2 above sea level. Worse, the Cardinals are closer to fourth place in the NL Central than they are to first. And the trade deadline is looming on the horizon.

Maybe it’s a bit melodramatic, but lose this series to the Cubs at home this weekend, and it’s time to start thinking about the players the Cardinals can unload to prepare for 2013.

2102 is rotting away.