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Cardinals Sign Randy Choate


After sitting on their hands for a couple of days athe the MLB Winter Meetings, the Cardinals finally decided to dust the cobwebs out of their wallet and make a free agent purchase.
The bought some Choate.
Randy Choate to be exact. And, no, that arm angle isn't troublesome at all. I'm sure that his left elbow will just juuuuuust fine for the next three years.
The Choate appeared in a NL high 80 games last season between the Dodgers and Marlins, posting a 3.03 ERA and 0 decisions. 80 games and no decisions in 2012?
Yup. That's a specialist alright.
LH hitters batted .158 against The Choate, while RHers teed off at an impressive .325 clip.
Looking at his Baseball-Reference page only confirms that he's got some misguided notions about facial hair. And a pretty steady job of doing one thing well… getting lefties out.
If you have a boy, teach that boy to throw left handed. I'm pretty sure you can work until you're 45 in MLB and make millions of dollars to pitch to 1 batter a couple of times per week.
Welcome to St. Louis Randy. Looking forward (?) to watching you become the most forgettable part of a win and most blameworthy target of every loss. Just don't watch any '12 tape of Rzep and you'll be fine.