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Cardinals Sluggie Night? See You There!

Didn’t get a Cardinals Snuggie for Christmas or Valentine’s Day?

Spending a lot of time on the couch?

Allergic to long-sleeved shirts?

Not concerned about looking ridiculous?

Well, unbook your plans for April 30th, so you can get the official 2010 Cardinals Sluggie giveaway (thanks AT&T…really).

If you saw the promotional calendar earlier this year and had any doubts about whether this would be the silliest giveaway of the year, behold – a photo has finally been uploaded onto the Cardinals website:

I’d much rather see Vince from the Sham-fuckin-Wow commercials, hawking those German-made wonders at the ballpark, but this will do. It’s too bad Billy Mays hasn’t had any new products out recently that could be a Cardinal giveaway? He must be too busy. (My watch says it’s not “too soon.” I still see him on commercials – kind of creepy, isn’t it?)

A couple other teams are giving out Snuggie/Sluggie’s this year, including the Giants, who had their Cy Young winner wear one for promotional purposes. Kind of eases the pain of Carpenter or Wainwright going home empty-handed.