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New Cardinals Theme Night

The St. Louis Cardinals announced their 'theme night' schedule last week.

What is a theme night? Here, take a look

Beyond the normal 'Mizzou Night' or 'Jewish Community Day', the Cardinals have been adding in dates that aren't just the typical 'pander to a particular group and get them to sell tickets for games that aren't traditionally big draws either because of opponents or the day of the week and time of the year' dates. 

Like Star Wars night. The one day of the year where Sad Vader gets a little less sad. 

So what's the big new night this year? 1/2 way to St. Patrick's Day.

Listen, you don't have to tell us twice. Green beer? Dancers? The opportunity to yell at Ryan Braun while looking the other way when Jhonny Peralta does something good?

Ok. Sold.