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Cardinals Used To Castigate Red Sox GM

It wasn’t that long ago when any Red Sox fan would willingly surrender a finger or toe to win a World Series.

Less than ten years after their first championship since 1918, Sox GM Ben Cherington sat in the visiting dugout of Busch Stadium answering questions about why his team was so bad, what his plan to re-build was and – most pertinently to us – why can’t he run his team more like the Cardinals?

“I mean, look at (the Cardinals) this year,” Cherington said yesterday before the Sox and Cards continued their interleague series at Busch Stadium. “They’ve had some of the same (adversity) we’ve been talking about all year — young players not performing right away, some injuries, even veterans not performing to their expectations — and yet they’re winning and they’re right in it and they’ve got a good chance of being in the playoffs. It’s a reflection of the strength of their organization, and it says we’re not there yet.”

That’s from a Boston Herald article from Scott Lauber published today.

The whole piece is worth reading, if for nothing more than to take a step back and realize what the Cardinals are in the midst of and just how damn hard it is to stay at the top of the heap in the MLB no matter how much money you have to spend.

Doesn’t make it less surreal.

A mere 10 months ago, the Red Sox were beating the Cardinals in the World Series. Now? Boston wants to know just how the Sox plan on being the Cardinals.

Photo: Boston.com | h/t @EMAC_18