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Cards Complete Successful Series In Toronto

Sunday was a plus win for the Cardinals.

It pushed them 2 games over .500 instead of right at .500. It leveled their road record at 17-17. And most importantly it gave the team a small boost of momentum in their lightest workweek of the year (sans the All-Star break).

The Cardinals are off today and Thursday. They are in Tampa Bay for a two game set against the Rays, who occupy the AL East cellar and are 1-9 in their last 10 games. Instead of having a bunch of down hours to ponder just how far off the rails this season is starting to veer… they’ve got a ‘happy flight’ to Florida and an easy rallying cry.

Now, will they actually turn the corner and go on a little bit of a run? This is about the 6th or 7th take, so we’ll take a wait and see approach.

It’s better than the alternative, though.

The Blue Jays got punched in the mouth over the weekend. One of the best offenses in baseball was blanked by Shelby Miller and Jamie Garcia (with some bullpen help) back to back games. And the Cardinals finally netted some of those LOBsters.

The type of games you expected to see more of in 2014.

Hard to believe, but over 1/3 of the season has been completed. And despite the weekend work, the Birds are still 5.0 games in arrears of the Brewers for the NL Central lead.

With a nice little home-stand against the NL East (Nats, Mets and Phils) waiting for the Cardinals when they get home Friday, a light work week means they need to take care of business against a slumping Tampa team that seems to be concentrating more on what the best ROI for their top player is.

Enjoy the day off, men.