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Carlos Beltran’s New House & The Friday Links


When he signed that 2/year 26 million dollar club banger, you knew he wasn't going to be living in a modest bungalow overlooking River Des Peres.

It took him a while, but he's finally found an abode worthy of the Beltran blessing… in Weston Florida.

8 bedrooms. 10 baths. 12,760 square feet of you are not a professional baseball player, always remember that.

Head over to Busted Coverage for all the photos (LINK HERE) and to wonder just what kind of place you'd buy if you'd only have dedicated yourself a bit more to Little League practice all those years ago.

And now, the Friday Links…

Birthday's in a new light. LINK HERE

Breaking Bad Ignition Remix. LINK HERE


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You will love this. Seriously. LINK HERE

That's it. That's the week. Let's see if that non-happy flight from St. Louis to Pittsburgh last night means more trouble for the Birds or the Pirates walking the plank. The season comes down to the next 10 days, people. Are you ready? Are they ready?