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Chris Carpenter’s 2012 Season Is Over

Then again, it never actually started. 

Chris Carpenter will undergo surgery soon to try and eliminate a nerve problem in his arm that creates perpetual dead arm. He is aiming to play baseball again and thinks he’ll be ready to start Spring Training in Feb.

Everyone wishes him the best of luck. 

EMail From Bo in Denver CO:

“Look at it this way. In the 6 seasons when Carpenter pitched a mostly full season (i.e. at least 28 starts), the Cardinals averaged 92.5 wins.

In the two seasons where Carpenter made a combined 4 starts, the Cardinals averaged 82 wins. Right now they’re on pace for about 85 wins. That is above average.

There has not been a player who has meant more to the Cardinals success in the last 8 years than Christopher John Carpenter.

He deserves a statue in front of busch stadium for the guts and glory he has exhibited whilst donning the birds on the bat.”

Well said Bo.