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Chris Trew Came… To Busch Stadium

We have a little “Contact” button on the top of our page. 

95% of the time we get spam through it.

Not even good spam either (like ‘Your PayPal Account Is Frozen) where you have to pause a beat before trashing it. It’s usually something with the subject line of ‘XCcdcscCSDSCFde’ and nothing in the body of the e-mail.

At least you know what the scam is with the wire transfer e-mail from Uganda, but this? It’s just nonsense. I don’t even know what they need from me to clean out my bank account.

3% of the time it’s somebody wanting to know when a prize they won will arrive. 

1% of the time it’s a blistering critique on the site, our moral fiber and/or an invitation to suck someone’s privates.

But every now and again, we get something interesting.

Chris Trew is a comedian and on tour now. He’s visiting ballparks when he’s in a town with a MLB team. And he was at Busch Stadium recently. He sent us the blog post about it: LINK HERE

And since we’re running on fumes until the final month of the season, we’re just going to drop it here and hope that suffices for a post.

Follow Chris on Twitter: @ChrisTrew and check out his blog/tour/whatever if you want.

Or not.

We’re just typing until it looks like enough words are on this post.