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Could Lohse Be A Cardinal Again? (Plus Friday Links)

A funny thing happened on the way to 2013… 

A couple of years ago, this site, amongst others, were debating if Kyle Lohse was locked in to the worst contract in St. Louis Cardinals history. 

Yes, there had be previously bad players on the Cardinals, but we weren't sure if one had been so bad for so MUCH.

Money, that is. Because Mr. Lohse was getting roughly 11 million dollars per year to phumpher around every fifth day on the mound and get shelled. His (few) supporters pointed out that this forearm injury he had suffered was the root of the decline. We weren't so sure.

2011 happened. 14/8 188+ IP & 3.39 ERA. Nothing to write Cy Young about, but a very solid year for what turned out to be a championship season. 

I think we all kind of knew where 2012 was headed. Big year. Big free agent. Big BU-BYE.

Lohse delivered. 16/3 211 IP & 2.86 ERA. That freaking guy had an NBA-ish walk year. Couple it with the fact that he's represented by Scott Boras and Kyle's fate was sealed. 


Now, heading into the last week of the year and Lohse still remains un-signed. Ryan Dempster, Zack Greinke, Anibal Sanchez and Dan Haren have all been signed. It looks as if Edwin Jackson is close with the Cubs. And the Angels have just traded for Jason Vargas. 

OK. Ok. Scott Boras usually bleeds every last dollar out of the market and his guys go last (generally sometime around the end or beginning of the year.) But still, it looks like the Cardinals/Lohse union isn't totally buried yet either.
The Cardinals made Loshe a 1/yr 13M qualifying offer. So any team that signs him will give over a compensatory pick. The Cardinals do have an unsettled rotation, insomuch as Jamie Garcia and Chris Carpenter aren't exactly the most trustworthy health wise. The Cardinals have also, for the most part, kept the powder dry.
Their big beef was 4 years on a contract. Would Lohse consider a 3 year deal? Even a 1 year? 
Probably not. But in an off-season devoid of any drama for the Cardinals, a surprise Lohse'ing might just be the goose Cardinal Nation has been waiting for. 
As Lloyd Christmas might have said: "so you're saying there's a chance?"
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That's it. That's the week. Go forth and buy the gifts that are sure to make your loved ones hold you in the highest esteem for the next 364 days.