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Current Cardinal Offensive Ranks

Shelby Miller got knocked around Wednesday night and the Cardinals dropped another series to the AL East.  Mike Matheny is turning the Cardinals into the Pacers of baseball. The AL East is our heat.

They had a shot to tie the game in the bottom of the 9th inning. Down 3, the Cardinals put the first two runners on base with no outs. What happened next? Nothing. 3 feeble at bats. No runs scored. Yankees exit with the W.

It got me curious. Am I too harsh on this offense? Just where do they stand in comparison to the other offenses in baseball?

Through 53 games here’s where the Cardinals stand. Please note that 30 teams play Major League Baseball:

  • Home Runs? 29th (28 total)
  • Runs? 2oth (207 total)
  • Slugging? 24th (.370)
  • Total Bases? 19th (.678)
  • RBIs? 21st (194)
  • Stolen Bases? 27th (20)
  • Extra Base Hits? 20th (140)
  • Grounded Into Double Plays? 7th (47)

Ok, so now that we ripped the band-aid off, are the Cardinals doing anything on offense that can be celebrated?

  • Hits? 9th (473)
  • Doubles? 5th (103)
  • OBP? 9th (.324)
  • Average? 8th (.258)

Kind of hard to throw a ticker-tape parade for 9th, 5th, 9th and 8th, though. I mean, they’ve got to be doing something elite. It’s not like they’re one of the worst teams in baseball, right?

  • Hit By Pitches? 2nd (25)

Nice! Just the kind of stat that the Best Fans In Baseball LOVE. They’re willing to literally take one for the team. I knew I liked something about this offense.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, the Cardinals are averaging a home run every 65.5 at bats. Which is terrible (Toronto is at 24.4). But it’s not as epic as Kansas City. They are at a whopping 84.5 AB/HR rate. We’re creeping into territory where you might be getting a call from the 816 soon.

Photo: Randall’s Ruminations