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David Freese Unhurt in Serious Car Accident

Some e-mails you don't want to see. 

When it has 'David Freese Car Accident' in the subject line. During a Holiday. You really don't want to see.

Late in the day Thursday, the stories about Freese's car wreck started circulating, by 8p, we had a picture. It's hard to not assume the worst, considering the crash was in daylight, the weather was nice, it's the off-season and holidays are generally a time for parties. 

Luckily, it looks like David ran off the road to avoid a collision with a deer. Putting the wild in Wildwood. He followed police procedures and has told everyone that he's not hurt. 


St. Louis is serious about their Cardinals. And when a Cardinal grows up in St. Louis, becomes a World Series MVP? He's pretty much all our adopted son. Thankfully all that was damaged here was a murdered out Range Rover and what looks to be a 10-year old white ash.*

Let's get this man a driver and and rental car ASAP, Mr. DeWitt. If our off-season is going to be boring, then let's keep it boring.

*Probably not a white ash. Probably not 10 years old.