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Dear Adam: No Masterpiece

Ed note: 

This is part of the 'Dear Adam' series from the 2013 postseason.

For more notes to Mr. Wainwright you can read HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE or HERE – The latest installment is below. After going 0-3 in his final 3 postseason starts… maybe these weren't such a great idea after all.

Dear Adam,

Okay, I'm officially very frustrated. (This is impossible to validate, as I'm pretty sure that's the only version of me that you know, but STILL.)

Either way, I'm going to let you in on a secret: Sometimes when I have too much to drink, I come home and watch the 2011 World Series DVD. I don't know why. Probably because I'm a complete lunatic?

I have no idea. But it actually makes me cry.

This is only important when you consider the fact that I'm emotionless and have no soul. I don't cry even when I'm supposed to. It's not something I'm proud of necessarily, but it's a true fact.

However, I tear up EVERY TIME watching games six and seven. 

I know you did your best last night. You struck out at least a billion guys and yet it wasn't enough. I can only imagine how you must feel.

But weird stuff happens in the postseason. 

Which is to say that there is no reason that you guys can't win six and seven. I'm prepared to cry again. I will cry my goddamn eyes out. I WILL.

I am not feeling much humor right now. And I imagine you are not either. But let's go hire someone to shove David Ortiz under a bus of live bees and we'll all feel much better!

I still love you. We are up against a wall. Please hold me.