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Dear Cardinals: Go Get David Price!

I’ve got bad news for you…

You’re never going to be the General Manager of the St. Louis Cardinals. Even worse? The Cardinals General Manger in his current iteration and all future General Managers of the franchise will not take your opinion into consideration when making any personnel decision.

There is no Easter Bunny; no Santa Claus.

But yet, here we are again. At an inflection point for the Cardinals 2014 season (and perhaps beyond) and everyone is getting really concerned about how much David Price will cost, either in salary or players given back to Tampa Bay.

You’ve heard by now the Cardinals are interested in David Price, right? I’m pretty sure you already knew this, but if not – they’re interested in David Price. The guy who’s in the midst of a streak of 5 straight games with at least 10 strikeouts.

And because David Price is a certified superstar and sports can’t just be something we all enjoy without having to have a hot take about salary ramifications and long term prospect projections… here come the articles!

I’m sure there are more out there. All with the same premise – either David Price will be super expensive after 2015 when be becomes a free-agent or the Cardinals will have to give up a lot of young talent to get him.

So screw this trade!

Zero consideration is paid to the fact that sports is entertainment and that some of us like to, you know, be entertained. Hell, I even like to be entertained now and not have to wait 2-3 years. Call me crazy.

David Price and Adam Wainwright back to back in Games 1 & 2 of the NLDS in a couple of months? Nope. wouldn’t fun at all, right? Because we’re all going to live forever and the Cardinals are going to totally listen to me after I help them with an cost/benefit analysis bereft of any of the data needed to make such a thing accurately!

Dear Cardinals – go get David Price. Send who you need to. Pay what you have to. Just put him on the mound in Busch Stadium as soon as possible.

I promised there will be at least one fan that will live in the moment and appreciate him.

Photo: Tampa Bay Times