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Dear God…It’s Me, Playoffs

Remember in the eighth inning?  Bases loaded?  One out?  Holy shit, that was intense.   I wanted to wave my own rally dish rag around the house, except that I thought it would be silly because obviously no one would know what I was doing.  Including my creepy neighbors in the high rise across the street.  (They see too much! HI GUYS!!!)

I don’t want to say that I’m MAD at Allen Craig, exactly, but I’m SUPER disappointed.  And extremely depressed.  Why did he have to hit into that double play?  Was that totally necessary?


It’s the NLDS!!!  I’m sure no one needs reminded and I know it isn’t totally his fault.  But you have to know that was a very big moment.  Hell, Matt Holliday got in there for a minute.  (And as I’m sure you’re aware, he has some OUCHIES.)  The momentum had shifted.  The CARDS WERE GONNA DO IT!!!!  But, NOOOOOO.  DP.  Inning over. 

I have to say, I couldn’t take much of the ninth inning very seriously.  Not after that.  I know Yadi did his best, but the damage had been done. 


The wind had been kick punched out of my sails and I was ready to eat a box of lit matches that were drenched in kerosene and unicorn tears.  So, you can expect my future blog postings to be even more incoherent than they already are.  GOD HELP US.

So, GO CARDS!!! TWO MORE!!! Let’s DO IT!!!


Your friend, Trumbsy  

PS:  Where is the bar???

PPS:  Is Torty already there?  Is he drunk?