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Dissection Of A Classic Cardinals Pick

Dissection of a Classic Cardinals picture is a systemic byproduct of the need to fill space during a lame duck season coupled with an off-day. So let’s get to.

1 – We’ve all been. You’re buddy starts to break himself off a little something something and you can’t just sit there and watch, right? Blue’s aversion to everything about situation is not only familiar, it’s heroic. No CBing today.

2 – That awkward period of baseball where the long pants over the cleats wasn’t the norm, but the thigh-highs were on their way out. Leaving 2″ will never, ever comeback.

3 – My word. Have you ever seen tighter pants on a baseball player? Were these Dri-Fit?

4 – We’ve all seen this pic before. And certainly, it’s been noted that Jimmy Edmonds is throttling his teammate’s penis with his legendary grip. But has it been pointed out just how aggressive the defense of this is. What looks to be Mike Matheny is basically swatting away futility the vice grip from hell.

5 – The face makes this pic. The intensity is simply amazing. Really is.