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Do You Believe In Signs?

The day after the Cardinals rolled over and burped in GM5 of the World Series, we spent the day coming to grips that the odds are not in favor of #12in13.

Then, the signs.

First, the tickets for GM6 in Boston. One pair sold for $24,000 on StubHub. The average ticket price is creeping up towards $2,000. The Red Sox haven't clinched a World Series in Boston since 1918 and their fans are treating a championship as a fait accompli.

Good sign or bad sign?

Then the Cardinals, tried, you know, to actually get to Boston to take their presumed butt-kicking. But Delta doesn't just delay you… NOOOO. They kept the Birds grounded for SIX HOURS!

Baseball is officially not America's pastime anymore. Six hours to find a different plane??? However, the hilarious hashtag #CardsPlaneProblems was spawned:


Good sign or bad sign?

We'll have a much better idea in about 24 hours. For now, we'll just have to continue to stew.