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Do You Want $100 Dollars?

Times are tough. 

Way back when this site was launched in 2006, RVB and I made a pledge that if a company contacted us and wanted to give our readers something, we'd do it. And over the years, we've had some OK give aways. 

But today? Today we're giving away cash. $100 in cash from Chevy Keys to STL.

And they couldn't make it any easier. 

Go to their Twitter account and follow them (LINK HERE). Then at the end of the day, they'll tell us who followed them today and we'll draw a winner.


You followed Octomom, dummy. You can follow an account that is Tweeting about cool crap happening in St. Louis. 

I'll post the winner of the drawing in the comment section tomorrow. You have until 11:59a CST to follow their account to win. And yes, this is just for Cards Diaspora readers, so your chances are VERY good.

UPDATE: We have a winner: @Brian_Haenchen

Thanks to everyone that played and followed. (I'd have put that in the comments, but the site won't let me comment. What a professional operation we're running.)