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Doug Gottlieb: Cardinals Fan

Tylor Lyons punked the San Diego Padres last night to record his first major league win (and hit). 

It was a performance to behold, but if you thought it was due to talent, luck or other forces unknown, you'd be wrong. It'd be because former ESPNer and current CBSer Doug Gottlieb was in the stands wearing enough Cardinals gear to make the Cardinal Cowboy blush. 

Visual evidence from @RyanPBoyer

Douglas made quite the name for himself nationally this past NCAA tournament when he made a joke on CBS (watch here). But he's been a talk radio staple for years after playing college hoops at Oklahoma State.

Mr. Boyer explained in later Tweets that Douglas is boys with Matt Holliday.

Here's to the newest outed member of Cardinal Nation. Wearing a cap that's not a worn as Jon Hamm's, but not off the rack either.