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Easy On The Pirates And The Friday Links

The ‘second half’ hatches tonight for the St. Louis Cardinals in Cincinnati.

As play resumes, the Cardinals rest 6 games over .500 and in a tie for first in the NL Central with the Brewers. The Pirates are one game back and the Reds are 4 in arrears.

Over the break, the Brewers acquired former All-Star closer Francisco Rodriguez to help a sporadic, if effective, bullpen in Milwaukee. The Cardinals and the Reds didn’t make any roster moves.

You might have wondered if that second graph was a mistake. Are the Pirates really 5 games over .500 at the break and in contention for the NL Central title? Currently yes. By the end of August? Hell to the no. The Pirates are a heat mirage in the midst of summer. A cute story to pass the time until September rolls around and the races turn up the heat. I just took a look at their lineup and it’s offensive that this team is even this close to the top of the division.

The Cardinals aren’t in first place because of good play. They’re in first place because this division has sucked the first half of the year.

In fact, there is a case to be made that the Brewers, Cardinals and Reds are 3 of the biggest underachievers in the NL. The Cardinals and Brewers have battled the injury bug… but still, everyone in the race in this division should be way better than they are.

Except the Pirates.

Listen, 1992 to 2011 is a long time to go without a winning record. I wish them well. But don’t be the ass out at the bar this weekend throwing the Pirates in a NL Central conversation to make yourself look like you pay attention to baseball. It’s hack.

Now, the Friday Links…

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That’s it. That’s the week. It’s the middle of summer, so go find a pool and report back here on Monday.