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Easy On The “Legends” Talk Cardinals

The Cardinals marketing department must have a different dictionary than the rest of us.

Legends: Legends are people that, because of the tie to a historical event or location, are believable, although not necessarily believed.

In other words, Legends are borderline unbelievable… but true. In the context of sporting, I’ll take this to mean the greatest of the great. The men who accomplished feats, broke records and inspired thousands of fans to melt by their performances.

You know, like John Mabry.

You might think that Mabry was just another pretty average ball player that had a couple of year under contract with the Cardinals amongst other teams. But when it comes to selling you entry into a paid fantasy camp?

John Mabry = LEGEND!

Would it be cool to shoot the shit with former Cardinal players and get a Cardinals uniform with ‘Hooks’ on the back? Yes. Yes it would.

Do I believe for a second that a conversation with Ricky Horton around BP is going to be a story I can tell my grandkids? No. No I don’t.

So let’s reign in the hyperbole, Cardinals Marketing. We get it. You want to sell people more stuff that they don’t need and make some of the money back you lost by flopping in 2010. Let’s just try to get a bit more real about the situation.