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Eddie Murphy- Funny Again?

I know people go and see shit like the A-Team or Shrek 4 or The Next Karate Kid- but damn, can a brother get an original movie every once in a while that doesn’t sidle up to a dong and honk the night away?

I get it. People pay to see 15 Twilight’s and 24 Batman movies and at the end of the day, movie studios are in business to make cash… but re-watching the Hangover on HBO this past week it’s pretty clear that funny ass movies that are INTENTIONALLY funny are extraordinarily hard to come by.

My solution? More of that Jason Segel. That dude is funny.


Also, did you see that Eddie Murphy is preparing to go back out and try some stand up? The clip below is NSFW (x10, really) but at least Eddie is realizing that he pretty much pissed away the comedy genre for a generation by making shit kid movies and making a boat load of money in the process.

Give me Delirious ANY. DAY.

Can you believe it? Eddie Murphy was actually FUNNY. In fact, this was the very first stand-up act I ever saw and it made me want to be a stand up comic soooo bad.

I got a blog instead. Ugh.

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So it goes. Another week. In the books. And we’re all one week closer to love. Or something like that.