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Election Day 2010 – It’s Here

Two years from today Sarah Palin could be the next POTUS.

Part of me wants to see this just because I think her election would cause mass chaos not just in America, but pretty much all over the world. But another part of me is scared to death that Palin as President causes a mass defection of everyone in Hollywood and the first live televised suicide on MSNBC. Either way, is there any doubt this lady is gearing up for a run at the White House?

That’s not for 2 more years, though. We’ve still got to deal with the 2010 election. The 2010 election is kind of boring.

I filled out my pre-ballot for MO and I can’t say that any of the races I’ll be casting a vote for is a position we truly care about. One US Senate seat is up for grabs, and I’ll be casting my vote against whoever the fucknut that voted against the 9/11 first responder I see on my TV every night. And if you think that’s a stupid way to vote, you’re probably right. But still- dude CAN’T BREATHE and we can’t slide him some jack?

On all the Judicial Circuit Court judges, I like to vote for pleasant sounding names in case I’m ever, you know, falsely accused of some crime. Angela Quigless sounds much more palatable to me than Robin Ransom Vannoy. I bet Ms. Vannoy is very, very vindictive. Like the old judge that threw the book at lady for not having her handicapped placard hanging from her mirror, then got caught that same afternoon doing the same thing.

Ahhhh… justice.

State Representatives are all pretty much uncontested, except in District 64 where there is a Democrat, Republican and Constitutional party member vying for the seat. I’m leaning CST since Mark Robert Opheim could be mistaken for Mark Robert Opium.

Opium would be an awesome last name.

The big prop measure in MO is some sort of deal to get rid of puppy mills. This one sounds so no brainer that I’m actually worried. These are the kinds of deals where everyone piles on something irrationally (PUPPIES? SAVE THE PUPPIES!) and then in 2 years, corn and milk are $500 dollars or something we totally didn’t expect. Why? Something with the puppy bill.

As a lemming, though, I have to vote for it.

None of these decisions are rock solid though. If you have a compelling case for me, put it in the comments and I’ll consider it. I’m not voting until after 5:30 anyway. I doubt we get any though. Most of the people that read this site are illegal immigrants we force pay farmers to force to look at until we get a sufficient amount of impressions served to pay the bills.