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Enter The Dragon… Into Marlin Stadium

The St. Louis Cardinals open their championship defense in less than two months in Miami Stadium, the new home of the Miami nee Florida Marlins. 

The sate of the art retractable roofed ballpark is the city’s ‘all-in’ move to make baseball viable in southern Florida. The franchise has 200% more championships than the Cubs in the past 100 years, but failed to draw over 10K fans to Dolphin Stadium regularly in 2011. If the locals can’t rally around a re-built roster, some key free agents, a name/uniform change plus shiny new home then… well, they’ll probably be there for the next 20 years as an MLB whipping post while the SEC sorts out what kind of shenanigans paid for all this.

A panaromic video from the work zone…

Regardless, the Cardinals will be the first team to bat with a fish tank as a backstop

The Dragon is in Miami this month and decided to stop by the construction site to see what’s happening and provided us with a little slide show of the progress…


According to The Dragon, it looks like the locals aren’t convinced the stadium will be done on time and a partial opening al la Busch III in 2006 could be announced sooner than later. The pictures don’t seem to tell a different story. At the very best there is a definitive lack of finishing touches in place. 

This is where the Cardinals will be on April 4th. Will the Stadium be ready to have them?