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Ernie Hays: Working Blue

Ernie Hayes passed away earlier this week at the age of 77. 

If you went to a Cardinals game in Busch Stadium from 1971 to 2010, you've heard Ernie. He was the organist for the Cardinals (one of the few left in MLB stadiums when he retired) and was proud of his work, including making "Here Come The King" a staple during the 8th inning in St. Louis.
In 2005, before this website existed, one of the biggest bombshell articles I've ever read materialized. 
Have you ever been so sure of something in your head, so clear of what something is, that when that thing gets called into question, it really is disorienting? Well Ernie Hays was my Tiger Woods.
If you haven't read this RFT article by Chad Garrison, you're in for a wild ride. LINK HERE
And that's not to say, I don't enjoy working blue. I think it was just more stunning to me that the guy I thought was Mr. Rogers was more Mr. Dice-Clay. 
So upon his passing, let's raise a glass to another Cardinal legend that's passing on to that big diamond in the sky. If I had to put a dollar on it, it was probably Gangnam Style that let Ernie know it was time to go.
As he might say: "Ahh, HORSESHIT!"