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Fashion Update: Rays Blazer

Ed Note: This is the first of many articles from the Mad Librarian. Enjoy!

I got all sorts of baseball-related anger bubbling up inside me. Anger at the Cardinals, who for the first time have me ready to elbow drop on the panic button before sure defeat is in sight. Anger at Cardinals fans, who insist on being sweaty, self-important, wave-starting douche bags. Anger at my own self, ’cause I apparently kicked my TV antenna last time I was in the attic, and now I can’t get KSDK in to watch the Sunday games.

But let’s not start our relationship with anger. Let’s start it with magic:

What’s that? Oh yeah, it’s the Rays blazer. The boys are wearing it on their road trip out West. I already loved the Rays. Now I want to marry them. All of them.

Well, all of them except manager Joe Maddon, who’s calling them “BRaysers.” Sayeth Maddon: “The BRaysers are in, they’re fabulous, they met with everybody’s approval. We’re going to wear them on this trip: the team BRayser.”

BRaysers? Fabulous? I don’t want to start anything, but he sounds like a ghey.