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Field Trip: NLCS Game 3

I have AT&T as a service provider.

At this juncture, it’s counterproductive to bitch about the TelCom giant. Because I have so many roll over minutes, it’d be impossible for me to switch and not increase my iPhone bill. But if you’ve never had the pleasure of going to a sporting event with an AT&T iPhone in your pocket… consider yourself blessed.

Side: One time I tried to send a TwitPic at a Rams game. It tried to push it through for over 2 quarters without me noticing and drained 100% of my battery. So not only does it not work, it actively works to piss you off.

Every now and again, a stray text will come in about 45 minutes after it’s relevant, so I don’t think much when my pocket buzzes. But last night, my pocket started blowing up right about the opening pitch – meaning A LOT of people were texting me if 4 or 5 got through. My buddy? He pulls out his phone and he all of a sudden had 15 messages.

We were the idiots TBS picked for a ‘crowd reaction’ shot on Carpenter’s first pitch.

Very funny, TBS.

Some observations in no particular order on NLCS Game 3:

+ The Brewers aren’t going to screw around with Pujols anymore this year. If Holliday gets a big hit or two, this series is over. If he continues to barely get it out of the infield, the Brewers have got a shot. But they’re not going to let Pujols beat them. I can’t blame them.

+ Lot of hyperbole when your team makes a run in the playoffs of any given sport. But the turnaround from this bullpen is nothing short of a miracle. I’ve gone from almost no confidence in anyone to not really worrying at all about any of these guys.  I mean, it’s amazing. I sat in that stadium with complete confidence that a one run lead would hold up even with Prince and Braun coming up.

+ Our whole section got told to sit down in the bottom of the seventh. No shit. The WHOLE section. The lady was yelling that people behind us wanted to sit down. Except that wasn’t true. How do I know? Because friend of The CD Tim McKernan was sitting about 10 rows behind us. And he’s gone on record several times about this. Bizzare. When I reached out to some people in the Cardinals organization about this, they told me off the record that they know it’s an issue with some ushers. It’s not a stadium rule, per se, but the ushers are told to use their best judgment on fan behavior. Some just are on a power trip.

+ David Freese is getting shit done.

+ Maybe it was the Wednesday night. Maybe it was the slight drizzle that everyone was sitting through for a couple of hours. But I know that Busch Stadium can bring it harder with the crowd noise than they did last night.

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