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Flanders & The Friday Links

We've made it clear that browsing Google News for Cardinal related items is about the only way this site survives the winter.

Most of the time it's Bleacher Report schlock. But today, we found this little gem:

So that's a blog post about the Cardinals plan to not pursue any 'big' named players during the upcoming Winter Meetings. 

No surprise. We knew that.

But what is a surprise is the picture that accompanies the article. That's Ned Flanders, the Simpson's neighbor, outside his ill-fated store 'The Leftorium'.

After clicking on the link, the article doesn't contain this picture. Nor does it contain any Simpson's reference whatsoever. But Google decided that this link needed a pic… so they dusted off Ned Flanders and stuck him right there.

Go home Google. You're drunk.

Now, The Friday Links…

+ This still hasn't been shut down. Enjoy it. LINK HERE

+ The prank of the year? Yes. LINK HERE

+ Would not recommend. LINK HERE

+ Uh oh. LINK HERE

+ 30 great WiFi network names. LINK HERE

+ Eat corn in 10 seconds. LINK HERE

That's it. That's the week. It's going to be like summer out there this weekend. Go enjoy it.