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Forget That Spine Talk and The Friday Links

This is a joke, right? I’m pretty sure this is a joke. 

Come on out Ashton. Uncle. We’ll sign the release. Just let us be, cool?

Wait, this isn’t a joke? This is real life? Because 27 straight innings without a run is as clown as it gets. Bryce, what say you


The Cardinals have been turned over and spanked for the third straight night, this time getting served in the nations capitol by the Washington Nationals. This comes on the heels of 2 consecutive shutouts by someone named James McDonald (!) and then Wandy Rodriguez (!!). It took 7 innings before the Cards booked a run Thursday night against the Nats. By then, they’d already surrendered 8.


Remember that post about ‘having a spine‘? Well, I take it all back. Every word of it. Because the offense hasn’t been the only culprit in this 3 game skidmark in the 2012 underwear, the pitching has been lit up like Cousin Eddie. 

22 runs in 3 games? Shiiiiiiiit. You could have all the mashers you want in the line-up and they’re not winning many games giving up 7 runs every outing. 

0 runs scored + 10 bazillion runs surrendered = migraines. 

It’s Labor Day weekend, men. Time for men and women that punch a clock to take a breather from the man. And the last thing they want to come home and relax to is their team getting gutted like a rotten fish.

Do better.

Now, The Friday Links…

That’s it. That’s the week. It’s Labor Day weekend. Go out there and do anything but labor. Have fun. Stay dry. And come back next week when the Cardinals have hopefully realized the season isn’t over.