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Freese & Molina In Top 20 Of Jersey Sales

And then there was filler. 

We’re going to have something for you later today or early tomorrow that’s probably going to generate over 100 views on YouTube… a BRAND NEW 2012 Playoffs Song!

But until we’ve got the VIDEO edited down, then you’re going to have to read some filler about jersey sales.

Here’s the list of the top 20 jersey sales by player from Majestic. All numbers are since the All-Star break.

1) The Captain. Probably helped by at least 20K NYY fans that think by simply wearing #2, they’ll also be able to dump Minka Kelly type booty themselves.

2) Larry. I guess Atlanta has accepted that after all that success in the 90s, Larry was the only one who ended up playing out the whole string with the Braves. Figured now was the time to bite the bullet and accept it.

3) Freese. If I showed you this list 12 months ago, what would you have thought happened? Could you have even made it up? The beginning of October ’11, Freese was a competent hitter, a meh fielder and pretty much an afterthought for MVP of anything.

Now you’re seeing this list, sans Pujols and Freese ahead of Yadi to boot? I think you’re wondering what happened in the playoffs last year. The October 4th 2011 you will NOT be sad about what happens.

4) Yadier. Under appreciated by everyone except in St. Louis. Has a legit chance to become one of the most popular Cardinals of all time and the icon that Pujols will never be.

Kudos to Cardinal fans too. Being one spot ahead of the 2010 NL MVP and the 2012 Triple Crown winner is a pretty tall order.